What does 050 aluminum sheet mean?

050 is a representation of the thickness of aluminum sheet, representing a thickness of 0.05 inches (0.05" thickness aluminum sheet). Also written as .050 aluminum sheet inches,0.050 aluminum sheet, .050", it is a common aluminum sheet raw material for industrial manufacturing and household production.

0.050 mm aluminum sheetThe 050 equipment name

050 aluminum sheet

0.050 inch thickness aluminum sheet

0.05" aluminum sheet

.050 thickness aluminum sheet

1.27mm aluminum sheet


.050 aluminum sheet type

Divide by inch size
Divide by alloy
  • 050" aluminum sheet 5052 H19
  • 6061 t6 0.05" alumium sheet
  • 3003 0.05 aluminum sheet
  • 1100 .050 aluminum gauge
  • 8011 .050" aluminum plate

What does .050 aluminum weigh?

.050 aluminum weigh needs to be determined according to the length and width of the aluminum plate. For example, an aluminum plate with a length and width of 4x8 feet and a thickness of 0.050 inches weighs 10.25kg.There are also certain differences in weight between different specifications.

Aluminum Sheet Size

Aluminum Sheet Weight

.050 aluminum sheet 4x1012.81 kg
.050 aluminum sheet 4x1215.37 kg
.050 aluminum sheet 5x1016.01 kg
.050 aluminum sheet 5x1219.27 kg
.050 aluminum sheet 6x1019.21 kg
0.050 aluminum sheet 6x1223.05 kg

0.050 aluminum sheet specification

Product NameSpecification
Common Alloy5052/5754/5083/6061/7075
Common TemperO,T3,T4,T351,T451
Thickness0.050 inchs
MOQ5 tons
StandardASTM,  EN,GB/T 3880-2006