What thickness is the 063 aluminum sheet?

what does size 063 mean for aluminum sheets?The .063 aluminum sheet means the aluminum alloy plate with a thickness of 063 inches.How thick is 063 aluminum sheet in mm,which is converted into a millimeter thickness of 1.60mm aluminum sheet.

.063 aluminum sheet names product show
0.063 aluminum sheet

.063 aluminum sheet gauge

063 aluminum sheet metal

063 thick aluminum sheet


063 Aluminum sheet product specifications

Aluminum sheet alloy
  • 0.063 aluminum 6061 t6 sheet
  • .063 5052-h32 aluminum sheet
  • .063 5086-h116 aluminum sheet
  • 3003 aluminum sheet .063
  • 2024-t3 aluminum 063
Aluminum sheet size
Aluminum sheet type
  • 063 anodized aluminum sheet
  • aluminum 063 pvc
  • 063 white aluminum sheet
  • .063 aluminum diamond tread plate
  • .063 aluminum diamond plate

.o63 aluminum sheet weight

how much does 10 sheets of 063 aluminum weigh?To calculate the weight of 0.063 thickness aluminum sheet, it is necessary to select a length and width specification, taking 4x8 as an example, according to weight = density * volume, a 4x8 063 aluminum sheet can be obtained with a weight of 12.91kg.

063 vs 064 aluminum sheet

The thickness of 064 aluminum sheet is 0.02mm thicker than that of 063, which is a conventional processing raw material sheet, and is widely used in the construction industry, home appliances, daily necessities and other scenarios. 064 and 063 thickness are more common in 1000 3000 5000 6000 8000 series alloys, which saves time and does not waste materials.

0.063 inch aluminum sheet supplier

As a customizable thickness aluminum sheet supplier in China, our family has been producing in this industry for more than 20 years, with rich export and service experience, bringing many buyers the experience of .063 aluminum sheet near me. We have exported aluminum plates, aluminum coils, aluminum foils and other products to more than 70 countries in the world. Exporting countries include the United States, South Korea, India, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Pakistan, Turkey and other countries.

Aluminum sheet .063 thickness application

What can 063 aluminum sheet be used for? 0.063 is widely used in all walks of life.
1. 0.063 for lighting
2. 063" Solar Reflector
3. 063" is used for architectural appearance, ceiling, wall, etc.
4, furniture, cabinets
5. Signs, nameplates, bags
6. Aerospace, such as China's large aircraft manufacturing and so on.
7. Mechanical parts processing, mold manufacturing

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