Ⅰ: Know more about 4017 aluminum coil.

Ⅰ-A: 4017  aluminum coil difference with 3003?

4017 aluminum coil belongs to the 4000 series aluminum alloy coil. Its composition is similar to the 3003 alloy aluminum coil, but the si element is different. The 4017 alloy aluminum coil has a higher si element content and better welding performance.

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Ⅰ-B: what are the applications of 4017 aluminum coil?

4017 aluminum alloy is widely used in stamping parts, spinning and drawing parts and products, cookware, chemical equipment, construction hardware, storage tanks, truck and trailer components, mailboxes, cabinets, fan blades, awnings, wall panels, kitchen equipment, decoration Decoration, construction use, signage application, etc. If you need more strength, please consider 5052.

4017 aluminum coil is widely used in truck bed and trailer, walking path and cat walking, floor, wall panel, toolbox, decorative decoration, construction use.

Ⅱ: 4017 aluminum coil parameters

Ⅱ-A: 4017 aluminum coil chemical element?


Ⅱ-B: what are the characteristics of 4017 aluminum coil?

4017 aluminum coil has a variety of thicknesses and pattern sizes. 4017 aluminum alloy is a shiny surface similar to 3003. 4017 aluminum alloy provides durability.

The constructed aging isotherm shows that EN 4017 with 0.19% Mg reaches a lower peak intensity compared to the EN 4017 material with 0.43% Mg. The higher Mg variant of EN 4017 is comparable to the age-hardenable reference alloy EN 6061.

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