According to the product type, it can be divided into

The characteristics of 5083 metal aluminum alloy

5083 aluminum alloy has beautiful surface after anodized treatment. Good arc welding performance.

The main alloying element in 5083 alloy is magnesium, which has good antirust and corrosion resistance and weldability, good cold workability, still good plasticity in semi-cold work hardening, low plasticity in cold work hardening, fatigue resistance strength, poor machinability and polishability. As well as medium strength. The corrosion resistance of 5083 alloy is widely used in maritime applications, such as ships, as well as automobiles, aircraft welded parts, and subway light rail. It is also used in the manufacture of aircraft fuel tanks, fuel pipes, and sheet metal parts for transportation vehicles and ships, instruments, street light brackets and rivets, hardware products, electrical housings, etc.

In addition, the alloy needs to be strictly fireproof and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment.

chemical composition of 5083 metal aluminum alloy

  • Si ( Silicon ): ≤ 0.4
  • Cu ( Copper ): ≤ 0.1
  • Mg ( Magnesium ): 4.0 - 4.9
  • Zn ( Zinc ): ≤ 0.25
  • Mn ( Manganese ): 0.4 - 1.0
  • Cr ( Chromium ):  0.05 - 0.25
  • Fe ( Iron ): ≤ 0.4
  • Ti ( Titanium ): ≤ 0.15
  • Other: ≤ 0.05
  • Other total: ≤ 0.15
  • Al ( Aluminum ): remaining all

The applications of 5083 metal aluminum alloy

5083 metal aluminum alloy is an Al Mg Si alloy with a wide range of applications. Especially in the construction industry, it is a promising alloy. Good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability and medium strength. The main alloy element of 5083 is magnesium, which has good formability, corrosion resistance, weldability and medium strength. At the same time, 5083 also belongs to Al Mn alloy, which is a widely used antirust aluminum. This alloy has high strength, especially fatigue strength: high plasticity and corrosion resistance, can not be strengthened by heat treatment, good plasticity during semi cold work hardening, low plasticity during cold work hardening, good corrosion resistance, good weldability, poor machinability and polishing.

5083 metal aluminum alloy is mainly used for 5056-h32 aluminum alloy plate manufacturers requiring high plasticity and good weldability, low load parts working in liquid or gas media, such as mailbox, gasoline or lubricating oil conduit, sheet metal parts of traffic vehicles and ships, instruments, street lamp supports and rivets, hardware products, electric shell, etc

Mainly used for the requirement of high plasticity and good weldability, low load parts working in liquid or gas medium, such as oil tanks, gasoline or lubricating oil conduits, liquid containers and other small load parts made by deep drawing: wire is used to make rivets.

Car trunk is generally also called car trunk, consisting of car rear body frame, and the spare tire cover located in the middle of the rear body frame and the trunk lid at the top. With the development of car lightweighting, the trunk lid as a car opening and closing part module is an important part of car lightweighting, which can be made of 5083 aluminum alloy and 5182 aluminum alloy.

Aluminum alloy for car trunk lid

Aluminum alloy for car luggage compartment cover manufacturer, the products of aluminum alloy for car luggage compartment mainly include 5182 aluminum plate, 5083 alloy aluminum plate, and undertake orders of 8-5000 tons of aluminum plate for global export.

Advantages of aluminum alloy for car luggage cover

  1. Abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, good elasticity, good impact resistance
  2. Small density, reduce the weight of the body, reduce the amount of fuel consumption
  3. Aluminum recycling value is high, its regeneration performance is higher than any metal, economic and environmental protection.