6000 series Aluminum Plate

6000 series aluminum plate such as 6061 t6/t651 aluminum plate and 6063 aluminum plate is mostly used in ship board,extruded shape for architecture, particularly window frames, door frames, roofs, and sign frames. It is typically produced with very smoot…

Aluminum Plate

Aluminum Plate

6000 series Aluminum Plate

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  1. Alloy:6063, 6061, 6160, 6262, 6060, 6463
  2. Width:600-1250mm
  3. Thickness:0.5-8mm
  4. Port of Loading:qingdao
  5. Certificated:ISO9001:2015
  6. Price:$

The representative series of this series aluminum plate is 6061 series. The main ingredient of this series aluminum plate includes magnesium and silicium elements. As a result, it has the features of both 4000 series and 5000 series. 

Specifications aluminum plate 6000 series 

  1. alloy:6063, 6061, 6160, 6262, 6060, 6463
  2. temper:O-H112 
  3. size:thickness:0.5-8mm, width:600-1250mm,Length:3-12m
  4. Mill finished
  5. Anodize: silver, champagne, light bronze, dark bronze, black, light titanium, dark titanium.
  6. Electrophoretic coated: silver, champagne, bronze, black, light bronze, dark bronze.
  7. Powder spray coated: normal color, special color.
  8. Fluorocarbon powder spray coated: normal color, special color.
  9. Acrylic paint coated: normal color, special color.
  10. Wood grain coated: import paper, domestic paper.

Features of 6000 Series Aluminum Plate

  1. It is a kind of aluminum plate which can be forged with cold treatment. It can be used in situations which have high demand in anti-corrosion and oxidation.
  2. As a result of its good availability and its connector with super features, it is easily coated and has good processability.

Applications of 6060 Aluminum Plate

  6060 aluminum plate is an alloy in the wrought aluminum-magnesium-silicon family (6000 series aluminum plate)。 It is much more closely related to the alloy 6063 than to 6061. The main difference between 6060 and 6063 is that 6063 aluminum plate has a slightly higher magnesium content. 6060 aluminum plate can be formed by extrusion, forging or rolling, but as a wrought alloy it is not used in casting. It cannot be work hardened, but is commonly heat treated to produce tempers with a higher strength but lower ductility.

Applications of 6061 Aluminum Plate

6000 series aluminum plate can be used in processing airplane parts, camera parts, couplers, ship parts, hardware, electronic accessories and joints, valves and valve parts, etc. It can also be used in low tension weapons and connectors in airplane.

6061-T6 is one of the most commonly used 6000 series aluminum alloys

Applications of 6063 Aluminum Plate

6063 is an aluminum alloy, with magnesium and silicon as the alloying elements. It is typically produced with very smooth surface fit for anodizing. It has generally good mechanical properties and is heat treatable and weldable. It is similar to the British


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