Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Anodized aluminum sheet, is an electrochemical process that thickens and toughens the naturally occurring protective oxide.The anodic coating is part of the metal, but has a porous structure which allows secondary infusions, Alloy 1000,3000,5000,8000, and so on , in thickness from 0.2-10mm, in width from 900-2200mm.

Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Anodized/Prefored Aluminum sheet

Anodized aluminum sheet,alloy 3003,5005,5083, thickness from 0.2-10mm ,width from 900--2200mm,as shell of generator,Anodized aluminum sheet is used to clad the generator and electrical board.

Anodized Aluminum Coil

Anodized aluminum coil ,is used to produce electrical board ,as electrical panel ,alloy 1050,1060,8011,3003, in thickness from 0.2-10mm ,in width from 900-2200mm.

Anodized Aluminum Sheet Specifications

Thickness: 1-3mm
Width: 800-1600mm
Material (alloy): 1050, 5005
Anodized Aluminum Sheet

The feature of the Anodized aluminium sheets

  1. It is very glorious of the anodized aluminium sheet/coil  which can be make the products more and more beautiful.
  2. The anodized aluminium sheet can save so much time and save so many proceeds from the anodized aluminium sheets.
  3. after anodized , the products is very clean also antifinger for the aluminium coil.
  4. Anodized aluminium sheet can be used for so many industries such as the kitchens,Airplanes,Constructions, Electronic,Packings,Etc.
  5. After anodized , it will be different kinds surface and different colors for choosing.
  6. different surface for the anodized aluminum sheet, with different usage.
  7. Application of Anodising Aluminum Sheet-Anodising Aluminum Coil

Panel of home appliance, decoration, fabrication, sign board and nameplates, etc.