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Application of industrial aluminum plate in machinery manufacturing

Aluminum has a low melting point and good casting performance. The mechanical properties of aluminum have a lot to do with its purity. Industrial aluminum plates have low strength, but aluminum alloys composed of aluminum and certain alloying elements not only maintain the inherent characteristics of aluminum to a certain extent, but also significantly increase its hardness. And intensity. When some aluminum alloys are used as structural materials, their strength can exceed that of general structural steel; when other aluminum alloys are used as mold materials, their service life can exceed that of general mold steel. Aluminum and a variety of aluminum alloys have excellent ductility and can be processed in various plastics. The machining performance of any kind of aluminum alloy is better than that of steel and pure aluminum, but the machining performance of various deformed aluminum alloys and casting alloys can be very different. Aluminum and aluminum alloy are among the most easily formed metal materials, but the allowable deformation of aluminum alloy is affected by its chemical composition, grade and heat treatment. Due to the low mechanical strength and work hardening rate of aluminum alloys, the forming properties of aluminum alloys are different from those of other metals.

The machinery manufacturing industry widely uses aluminum plates to manufacture wheels, pulleys, centrifuges, ventilators, cranes and pump parts, pistons and engine cylinders, and aluminum plate stamping parts. This is because the characteristics of aluminum and aluminum alloys are not only low density, but also have the required strength and hardness, which can reduce the energy consumption in mechanical operation, or greatly increase the operating speed under the same energy condition, which is also relatively uniform. Extend the service life of the machine parts. At the same time, after the weight and size of the whole machine are reduced, it is more suitable for production, transportation, installation and operation.

To sum up, industrial aluminum plates are mainly used in the following industries: construction industry, container packaging, transportation, power industry, food industry, machinery and equipment, durable consumer goods industry and other categories. In the past 20 years, aluminum for construction, automobiles, and packaging has become the three major uses of aluminum in industrially developed countries.


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