The Fascinating Process Behind Making Jumbo Rolls of Aluminum Foil

Specifications of Aluminum Foil For Cable

Alloy Typical alloy material state thickness(mm) width(mm) length(mm)
1 series 1235、1060、1050、1100 O、H22、H24 0.015-0.56 200-1600 custom made
8 series 8011

What is Aluminum Foil For Cable?

Cable foil is the use of aluminum foil airtight and shielding, one or both sides coated with plastic film, formed of aluminum foil composite, used as a cable cover.

Quality requirements

Cable foil requires less oil on the surface, no holes, and higher mechanical properties.

Aluminum foil for cable

Jumbo rolls of aluminum foil for cables

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2023-04-27 2302$
2023-04-26 2339.5$

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