Aluminum Foil in Microwave


8011 aluminum foil;


It can be used on both sides. It adopts high temperature annealing and softening process, with uniform thickness and rapid heat conduction.

aluminum foil in microwave


Grilled chicken, grilled fish... Wrapped in a layer of aluminum foil, can lock the taste and moisture of food, delicious. Some foods (such as: sweet potato, mushroom, etc.) must be wrapped in aluminum foil to avoid burning. Wrapped with aluminum foil to cook seafood, mushrooms, vegetables, etc., can retain the fresh taste.


  • Do not directly contact the open fire or fire source, use other utensils after isolation;
  • Do not exceed the heat-resistant temperature of 250 ℃ (use within 20 minutes), otherwise it may cause smoke or burning of aluminum foil paper;
  • Please pay attention to the use of microwave oven, please adjust to the barbecue mode, do not use under the microwave function;
  • Please keep it in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature and humidity. Please use it as soon as possible after opening to avoid discoloration;
  • Do not wrap food with high acid or salt for a long time to avoid discoloration or perforation;


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