Aluminum heat transfer plate are installed between the floor joists to provide heat transfer across the bottom of the plywood.

The 1/2PEX tubing fits snuggly into round channels formed into the aluminum. This heat transfer from the tubing to the aluminum plate greatly increases the amount of heat delivered by the tubing to the floor, and additionally keeps the temperatures across the floor more evenly distributed.

Heat Transfer Panel

Huawei aluminum heat transfer panels provide fast and

effective installation of radiant heat in virtually every application

(바닥, walls and ceilings). The rigid channel construction makes

tubing to be snapped into place tightly and securely.

• Outstanding for both new construction and retrofit

• Excellent thermal conductivity makes it the ideal material for

today’s radiant heating systems

• Increased heat output and more uniform floor temperatures, at

lower water temperatures, compared to staple-up installations

• Easily installed from below the subfloor with no alteration to

existing or planned wood-frame floor construction

• Adaptable for above floor, wall and ceiling applications

• No need for additional straps or fasteners to secure hePEX plus


• Open-channel design leaves tubing runs fully visible and accessible

during installation

• Convenient 4-foot lengths simplify ordering, handling and


• Ours low mass allows for quicker response time to

changes in room temperature compared to high-mass systems

Thermal transfer plate

Thermal transfer plate also called Heat Transfer Plates


They allow for a more even heat distribution across the flooring surface if compared to staple-up tubing installation.

They serve as a support for PEX tubing and eliminate the need for additional installation accessories.

They allow for a lower fluid supply temperature, thus increasing the radiant heating system’s efficiency and reducing the costs of heating.

Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates are a thinner, and are commonly used in sandwich-type radiant floors, where PEX tubing is placed between the finished floor (즉. laminate, hardwood, 등.) and the subfloor. These plates are wide and short, which makes them ideal for such projects and allows for more versatility in installation.

The following image illustrates the heat transfer process during joist space installation using heat transfer plates. The image speaks for itself and gives very good reasons to consider using the heat transfer plates wherever it is possible.

There is three kinds of aluminum heat transfer plate pattern, single groove, double groove and three groove plate

알루미늄 전문 제조업체로서, we can provide you aluminum heat transfer plate in floor heat with reliable quality, 합리적인 가격과 신속한 배송. 일반적인 사양은 재고 있음. 특별한 크기는 클라이언트에 따라 주문을 받아서 만들어질 수 있습니다’ 질문이 있는 경우 저희에게 연락하십시오. 기꺼이 서비스를 제공할 것입니다.

Double groove aluminum heat emission fin

14.5″ wide x 8″ long and preformed for 1/2″ or 5/8″ tubing.

The purpose of your radiant heating system will be to make heat in the form of warm water (in an efficient manner, we hope) and then transfer that heat to your floor. Some process must take that heat away from the tubing and apply it to the underside of the floor so that the floor can heat the area above. Aluminum is a material that transfers heat exceptionally well but it is expensive, and its use should be carefully balanced against other methods of doing the same thing, and its application should be optimized for performance and cost effectiveness.

Double radiant heat transfer plates

재료 : 26 gauge stamped aluminum sheet

치수 : 13” x 24” (330.2mm x 609.6mm)

Pipe sizes : 3/8", 1/2" & 5/8"

HWALU Omega Double Groove Aluminum Heat Diffuser Plates

Increases heat transfer by over 30%

C-Channel design for better tubing contact and holding tubes in place

Precise thickness to optimize efficiencythicker than the other guys!

Lower water temperatures

Lower heating bills

Great for retrofits and new construction

HWALU Omega Double Groove Aluminum Heat Diffuser Plates are formed aluminum plates specifically designed to pro- vide excellent heat transfer between radiant heating pipes and floors or other surfaces.

Transfer plates are typically used when installing radiant tubing under existing floorsorin new installations with wood or other floor materials to be placed on top of the floor base. They may also be used to transfer heat to various other mechanically secure surfaces in a wall or ceiling installation.

Omega Double Groove Aluminum Heat Diffuser Plates are a critical component of a properly designed radiant system increasing the efficiency and the reaction time of the system.

Good radiant heating is done at low water temperatures and in the case of staple-up, that means with plates.


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