Aluminum heat transfer plate are installed between the floor joists to provide heat transfer across the bottom of the subfloor. The round channels formed into the aluminum snugly surround the tubing and this heat transfer from the tubing with warm water through the aluminum plates greatly increases the amount of heat that is delivered and evenly distributed throughout the floor.



Specs Channel Thickness/mm Width/mm Length/mm
1 U 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.8 1.6 125 127 228 230 609 1219 2438
2 U 317 390
3 U 610

Features Of Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates


Omega shaped 1/2": allows you to snap in 5/8" PEX pipe during installation. This channel shape offers more contact with tubing than U-shaped plates and has a better heat transfer.

0.016 Thick Aluminum 4.5" wide

Increase Radiant Floor Heating System's efficiency and response time.

Material: Aluminum

High Quality Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates for 1/2" PEX Tubing

High Quality Aluminum Plates for Fast Heat Transfer

Allow 1-2 inch spacing between plates for expansion

Comparison of Floors With and Without HWALU Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates


Aluminum heat transfer plate Advantages:

Without Aluminum heat transfer plate

Staple up without Aluminum heat transfer plate. These system will run lower than suspend tube system but hotter than plate type system due to less conductive surface.


Using Aluminum heat transfer plate

Staple up with heat transfer plates. These system will run at a lower temperature than to the addition of aluminum fins which extend the contact surface area.

Our plates are Omega-shaped (not "V" or "U"-shaped like others) and allow to snap in PEX pipe during installation, making it much faster and easier. This channel shape offers more contact with tubing than U-shaped plates and has a better heat transfer.
Increase Radiant Floor Heating System's efficiency and response time.
Save time and labor - Omega-shaped plates allow for a 1-person installation.



Nothing comes even close to the comfort of a radiant heat system. The technology works much the same as how the sun heats your body. Heat is dispensed evenly from the floor, but does not rise because we are heating the objects in a given space, not the air. It’s a natural feel and you can enjoy a warm chair and warm floors while walking barefoot in the wintertime.


Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates systems are just about hypoallergenic. Since the air is not forced, you don’t have to be concerned about the heating system distributing pollen, dust and other allergens in the home.

Energy Efficient:

On the whole, they are more efficient than baseboard heating and forced-air heating. With forced air-heating, up to 30 percent of the heat is lost due to ductwork alone. Again, hot air rises. Therfore, when heating a builing envelope with hot air, the space must be filled with hot air from the ceiling down until it reaches your actual living space. With radiant heat, the taller the ceilings, the better efficiency gains in comparison.

Whisper Quiet:

Without blowers, there are no noisy fans, and the home is peaceful.


This underfloor heating system eliminates inconvenient floor and wall registers.


Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates systems are easy to zone and offer room-to-room temperature control with multiple thermostats.


Aluminum Heat Transfer Plates can use a wide variety of fuel sources to heat the liquid, including solar water heaters, geothermal heat pumps, high efficiency gas boilers, wood gasification boilers or oil boilers.

The following flooring types may be installed above this type of system:

Nail-down solid hardwood

Floating hardwood

Engineered hardwood

Glue-down wood flooring

Carpet (broadloom or tiles)

Vinyl (sheet or tiles)

Ceramic tile


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