3004 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate for blinds

Aluminum alloy shutters are a kind of shutters. The main material is a 3004 aluminum plate. Because of their beautiful appearance and durability, they are deeply loved by users. Today, Huawei Aluminum will popularize the knowledge of 3004 aluminum plates for everyone.aluminum sheet plate for blinds

aluminum sheet plate for blinds

3004 aluminum alloy is a commonly used brand of aluminum-manganese alloy. Its strength is not high, but it is higher than the 3003 aluminum sheet and pure aluminum sheet. It has good processing and formability and high corrosion resistance. It is usually cold-housed to improve its mechanical properties. 3004 aluminum strip is mainly used in chemical product production and storage devices, thin sheet processing parts, wide curtain wall panels, liquid crystal back panels, various lamps, lamp holders, beverage cans, color aluminum panels, etc.

Introduction to the advantages of 3004 aluminum alloy shutters

1. Light weight, convenient and durable, the section has high bending strength, and the made shutters have little deformation.

2. Strong corrosion resistance and long life. The aluminum alloy oxide layer generally does not fade, does not fall off, is not easy to be altered, is easy to maintain, and does not need to be repaired.

3. Beautiful appearance, the aluminum alloy surface can be colored into various colors after anodized treatment, and the decoration effect is good.

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