The tanks include storage tank, fuel tank, oil tank, gas tank etc

The parameters of aluminum sheet plate for tank

  • Alloys: 1060, 5052 etc
  • Temper: h32 etc

Aluminum sheet plate for fuel tank

Automobile fuel tanks are roughly divided into two categories according to their materials, metal fuel tanks and engineering plastic fuel tanks. Metal fuel tanks are mostly made of aluminum alloy, and their rust resistance and safety are higher than iron fuel tanks. In addition, aluminum alloy has a small proportion, which can realize the lightweight development of automobiles, and the price is relatively cheap. Generally, large passenger trucks use aluminum fuel tanks. .

The aluminum alloy fuel tank is processed from 5052 h32 aluminum plate. It is a typical anti-rust aluminum. The main alloying element is magnesium. This alloy has high strength, especially fatigue resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, high plasticity, and welding. Excellent sex. The 5052 aluminum plate has a high elongation rate, which can meet 90-degree bending and shallow stretching without cracking when punching.

What are the advantages of using aluminum plate for automobile fuel tanks?

  1. Aluminum alloy is not easy to rust, which can well prevent the dirt generated inside the fuel tank from damaging the fuel system.
  2. Aluminum alloy is lighter than iron, and the same capacity can reduce the total weight of the car.
  3. The aluminum alloy material itself has better extensibility, is not easy to break in collision, and has higher safety.
  4. The aluminum process technology is more mature, the production process is environmentally friendly, and the service life is long. At the same time, the aluminum material can be recycled.

In recent years, automobile lightweight has been vigorously promoted. With its own advantages, aluminum alloys have become more and more widely used in automobiles. The aluminum alloy fuel tank industry has developed rapidly, constantly occupying the fuel tank market, and has gradually become the leading direction in the development of fuel tank accessories.

Aluminum sheet plate for tank car body

Conventional tanker aluminum plate length is generally within 12.5 meters, width of about 2.2 meters, thickness is generally 5-8mm, a complete tanker body, generally need 4-6 pieces of aluminum plate welded together, of which the tank body, lid and bulkhead can be made of aluminum plate, usually 5 and 6 series of aluminum plate alloy.

The tank body is an important part of the tanker, generally using 5083H111 aluminum plate, in addition, some manufacturers use 5454H111 aluminum plate to produce the tank body. Both sides of the tank cover using 5083-O state aluminum plate, the tank cover needs to be bent, O state is softer, easy bending process. The partition of the tanker is also made of 5083-O state.

There are mainly two kinds of materials used for tank car body: carbon steel and aluminum plate. Aluminum has been used in heavy-duty freight vehicles for more than 80 years. By the 1960s, aluminum has been widely used in vehicles. Nowadays, the use of aluminum alloy to manufacture oil tank cars has become a trend, and the market demand for aluminum plates is increasing year by year.

5754 aluminum alloy is a kind of material for making tank cars. 5754 medium and thick plate produced by Huawei aluminum has the characteristics of medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and easy processing and forming. It is a typical alloy in Al Mg alloys.

Using 5754 aluminum plate to make tank car has many advantages

  1. The car body is lightweight, more economical and practical, with low aluminum alloy density and high strength;
  2. Strong corrosion resistance and long service life;
  3. Good ductility, high strength, improve safety and eliminate hidden dangers;
  4. Aluminum alloy can be recycled, economic and environmental protection.

5083 aluminum sheet plate for LNG storage tank

5083 aluminum plate has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, better cold workability and medium strength, which can be used in pressure vessels that require strict fire protection, such as oil tankers, LNG storage tanks, powder tankers, etc. Liquefied natural gas, referred to as LNG, is usually stored at -161.5℃, 0.1MPa or so in low-temperature storage tanks, requiring tanks with low temperature resistance and good seismic effect, and 5083 aluminum plate meets the requirements of lng storage tanks for material performance.

Mechanical properties of 5083 aluminum plate for LNG storage tanks

  • Tensile strength σb (MPa): 110-136
  • Elongation δ10 (%): ≥20
  • Annealing temperature: 415℃
  • Yield strength σs (MPa) ≥110

5083 aluminum sheet has several different states with differences in its properties. Aluminum sheet manufacturer-Huawei Aluminum can customize 5083 aluminum sheet with different states and specifications, thickness 0.5-500mm, width 20-2650mm, length 500-16000mm, through alloy composition determination, melting and casting process optimization, homogenization heat treatment and rolling process test, the product has excellent performance and good use effect.

5a06 aluminum sheet for liquid tanker

Aluminum alloy is one of the common materials used in the manufacture of tank cars, its density is much smaller than steel, but the yield strength, tensile strength and other physical properties are not weaker than steel. At this stage, all walks of life promote energy saving and emission reduction, aluminum alloy as a lightweight material, in the field of tanker manufacturing more and more use, including 5a06 aluminum plate.

5a06 aluminum plate for liquid tanker introduction

5A06 aluminum plate belongs to the Al-Mg system rustproof aluminum, has high strength, corrosion and extensibility, plasticity is still good in the annealed and extruded state, the weld tightness and weld plasticity with argon arc welding is still possible, gas welding and spot welding the strength of the welded joint is 90-95% of the strength of the substrate, good machinability.

5a06 aluminum sheet chemical composition

Aluminum Al: Residual
Silicon Si:≤0.40
Copper Cu:≤0.10
Magnesium Mg:5.8~6.8
Zinc Zn:≤0.20
Manganese Mn:0.50~0.8
Titanium Ti:0.02~0.10
Beryllium Be:0.0001~0.005
Iron Fe:0.000~0.400
Note: Single:≤0.05;Total:≤0.10

5a06 aluminum plate for tanker manufacturing advantage introduction

  • High strength, good corrosion resistance and weldable performance.
  • Light weight, reduced dead weight, in line with the development of lightweight needs.
  • Energy saving and emission reduction, protect the environment.

5086 aluminum plate for pressure vessels

Pressure vessel is the collective name of the closed equipment that can carry a certain pressure. Pressure vessels are used in industrial, civil, military and other fields, mainly used to hold liquids and gases.

The advantages of 5086 aluminum plate for pressure vessel

1、5086 aluminum plate belongs to 5 series aluminum plate, which is a typical rust-proof aluminum plate with high corrosion resistance, good weldability and medium strength.

2、The mechanical properties, physical properties, process properties and compatibility with media of 5086 aluminum plate are in line with the pressure vessel material standards.

3、5086 aluminum plate is light in mass, medium strength, able to withstand certain pressure and good safety performance.

4、Compared with other materials, aluminum plate can be recycled and has high recycling value.


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