A customer from USA who want to buy aluminum metal plates

aluminum metal plates

I am Alvin Wang. One day, I got Jonathan's product inquiry, his company is a manufacture of medical devices, and they paid more attention to the quality. After quoting, he asked that whether we could supply small size samples,then I and my colleague communicated with our engineer, telling the final application is making the pressure device,then our team will check the mechanical properties,we prepare the samples as per the technical requests,when the samples are ready,I sent to Jonathan at once,then after 7 days,Jonathan told me that he had got the samples,they would test the samples and let me know the result.

For the samples’ test,it will be a long time even in fact the time is not too long,it is psychological test,we have have more patient and trust our company and quality.

And then after 10 days later,I sent an email to Jonathan and asked whether the test had been finished or not,Jonathan said it still needed another 3 days more,so I started waiting again,3 days later, finally Jonathan contacted with me that the test was passed, then I checked the ingot price,there wad not big change, so I sent the price again to Jonathan,the second day, I got his reply, he sent the PO as per our MOQ, so I made the PI to him, in the email I said to Jonathan after payment he could pay the bank memo copy to me, then we can check with our bank,but he did not send,then 2 days later, our bank told that we got the money from USA. After checking, the amount is right to this order untill now.

But for this order,the production process of aluminum metal plates was not smoothly,because we met our spring festival holiday,during the holiday,the corona virus happened,so the order could not finish in time,after telling all these condition,the client did not complained and he said only if the quality control was well,it would be good,then on Feb.10th,the order is finished finally,till this day,this order was completely finished,then wait the shipment and the balance payment.