A customer in Europe who want to buy diamond aluminum sheet

I am Scarlett Wang from Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd. One day in March 19, I received an email from someone in Europe.I was very glad to receive the customer’s email, since she is my first customer from the 2018 Duseldorf exhibition.The customer’s inquiry is for 3-series diamond tread plate , which was purchased locally in Europe before. She said that she went to our company’s booth in Germany at that time, and her colleague thought we were very professional in aluminum products trade, so this time she sent me some general specifications and asked whether we could do the same.

First of all, i told the customer that we can do the 3xxx diamond tread plate,thickness 1-5mm,width 1000-1500,and length 2000-3000mm and i sent our clear photos,testing report and production vedio,etc to her.

And then I asked the customer for more specific specifications, sizes and quantities,especially the pattern thickness, as well as the technical parameters provided by the previously purchased factory,so that i can understand her demands more accurately.Then she sent all the details in the e-mail,and i got what they exactly required.For sure,i checked our best price for her,since she is a new customer and we want to cooperate in the long-term.Then we had a little disagreement about the weight of the plate.There is a slight difference between the sheet weight calculated by the customer and the weight calculated by me.So I confirmed with the technical department again how to calculate more accurately, and later explained to the customer that the theoretical weight and the actual weight would be slightly different,and what formula we use to calculate the weight. Our communication was very intensive and efficient, and we gave professional answers to her questions and released all the concerns she had.The client found my reply satisfactory and always thought ahead of her to answer her questions.So within two weeks, without sending the sample, she gave me a trial order, 20 feet.

It has been 8 times we cooperated so far.I really feel grateful,since every time the customer confirmed the order the same day,and arrange the LC draft to me the next day,which makes our cooperation more effective.What touched me most is every time i received the e-mail from my customer,she started and ended the e-mail with a smile expression.

Our story is till going on,and i hope one day i can see my friend in China.