Un client qui a acheté de l'aluminium gaufré à Henan Huawei Aluminium Co., Ltée

I am Hywen Lu from Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltée. During the holidays we received an inquiry for the feuille d'aluminium with PP heat sealing and requesting embossing of small orange peel.

embossed aluminum foil

After communicating with customers, we learned that aluminum foil will eventually be used on coffee capsules, and the aluminum foil thickness is 33 microns. toutefois, we found problems with the thickness of the PP heat sealant in our confirmation with the customer. It is unusual for customers to require a PP heat sealant with a thickness of 17 microns because this thickness is too thick for coffee capsules use.

Later we learned that it is the first to for the customer to purchase the laminated foil, there is no an accurate answer for what the exact thickness should be. Based on the specifications purchased by our other customers and the suggestions of our technical staff, we recommend to our customers the structure of 33 micron aluminum foil + 3g PP heat sealant.

And the customer also have the problem with the aluminum foil width.They could tell us the final products diameter is 37MM only. Usually the most common width of this type laminated aluminum foil is about 30-1000px, and considering the final products diameter we recommend customer 1000px foil width.

And during the communication, to help the customer to know the products more clear we explain to our customer the common foil thickness, width and the laminated construction. And also we answer the customer’s questions like how to control the PP heat sealing thickness and what type the embossed pattern.

Then we recommend the customer to test the samples and in this way they will know the PP thickness, the foil width and embossed pattern clearly and that will also show our quality directly.

Due to the impact of COVID, all factories in China have postponed resumption. We explained this to the customer and promise that we will prepare samples for customers as soon as we resume work. finalement, after a week of waiting, our factory started normal work and provided samples to customers as agreed. The samples foil width is 40CM and to delivery the samples very easily we make a small roll. The total length is about 20 meters and that’s enough for the customer to test on the machine.

Feuille d'aluminium gaufré

embossed aluminum foil

4 jours plus tard, the customer received the sample, and after testing, they are very satisfied with the PP heat sealing thickness, and whole laminated foil width and the embossed patter. And the final products are in good quality and appearance.

After the confirming, checking, recommending, explaining and testing samples, finally we reach an agreement smoothly.