A customer who want to buy 6082 T4 aluminum strip

I am Sara Wang from Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd. I remember i received the inquiry in March 2019. The inquiry is of the aluminum strip 6082 T4 with size 1.0x69mm in 6tons, and Mr. N needs it in hurry. After offering quotation and quality certificate, He hoped us to deliver it in 21 working day. Here we checked with production, if for regular coil, it is no problem, but there will be one more slitting, and now slitting orders are too much. After negotiation, we decided to make one slitting line free to proceed when the coil was ready. But there is another problem that for alloy 6082 generally the billet output is 12tons, that means there will be half remaining after this order. Here we checked again with our production department, after checking we can make special billet weight as 10tons, after slitting the weight might be around 9tons. So here i contacted Mr. N and explained the current situation. Mr. N checked with his company and expressed their understanding, and finally agreed to add the quantity to 9tons.

Under required time, the goods was finished. When contacting with Mr. N for delivery, i was informed that they wanted to firstly deliver 2 tons by air cause of the hurry. We all know that freight with 2tons by air was very high. In other side we knew Mr. N had some concerns, cause it was his first time to buy from China. Here after checking with manager, we proceeded as Mr. N’s requirement. But here i also checked the railway cost, half cheaper. So here i suggested Mr. N to delivery 1ton by air for hurry demand, the other 1 ton by railway, and for the remaining 7tons by sea. It could save a lot of cost. Mr. N agreed and expressed his gratitude for our sweet concerns. Within one week, 1 ton was already in Mr. N’s warehouse and caught up with the production. And then we delivered 1 ton by railway and the remaining 7tons by sea. That is to say with these 9tons goods, we sent through air, land and sea. It was a special experience.