Clear anodised aluminium

Clear anodised aluminium also called clear anodized aluminum

Are you looking for a specific color, type, or finish of aluminum, such as clear anodized aluminum? At Huawei aluminum, you can find several types of clear anodized aluminum. From bright clear anodized aluminum to bright brushed clear anodised aluminium to clear satin anodized aluminum, Huawei aluminum has the versatile clear anodized finishes you need for your next project.

What is clear anodised aluminium?

Aluminum is a useful but lightweight metal that can be used for all types of home projects, such as for gutters, roofing sides, chimney caps, gutters, and more! The best way to truly make aluminum shine and appear brighter than before is to transform the traditional material into clear anodized aluminum.

Process of clear anodised aluminium

The general process of aluminum anodizing allows for aluminum to be properly prepped with a chemical solution. Anodization results in the aluminum getting an electric charge, which creates a thick anodic oxide layer. With a thicker oxide layer, the material is more stiff and resistant to corrosion. This heavy-duty transformation can also be done in a variety of different dyes. However, clear anodized aluminum is the most popular and comes in several types. These versatile types of clear anodized aluminum are offered at Huawei aluminum for your own convenience.

Types of clear anodised aluminium

There are many different applications for the types of clear anodized aluminum. Whether you are looking for bright clear anodized aluminum, bright brushed clear anodized aluminum, or clear satin anodized aluminum product, Huawei aluminum has the types of clear anodized aluminum you need. For applications from architectural exterior, windows and doors, rail cars, and interior wall panels to recreational vehicles, roofing, electronics, and more, clear anodized aluminum proves to be a great option for finished product. Regardless as to the application you require the clear anodized aluminum for, Huawei aluminum has the highest quality product available on the market.


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