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Date LME LME Weekly Price 2023-02 LME Average 2023-02 SMM Average
2023-03-29 2366$ 2301.8$ 2417.28$ 2690.56$
2023-03-28 2315$
2023-03-27 2298$
2023-03-24 2265$
2023-03-23 2265$

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The difference between hot rolled aluminium and cold rolled aluminum?

There are many differences between cold-rolled aluminum and hot-rolled aluminum. The elements are different, the alloy composition is different, and the oxidation effect of cold-rolled aluminum is not good, while the hot-rolled aluminum plate has the characteristics of uniform oxidation color and flawless surface.

Cold-rolled aluminum is also called cast aluminum. Commonly used aluminum sheets are 1060 aluminum sheets and 3003 aluminum sheets.

The commonly used hot-rolled aluminum sheets are five-series aluminum sheets, 5083 aluminum sheets, 5052 aluminum sheets, and 5754 aluminum sheets. The production processes of hot-rolled sheets and cold-rolled sheets are different. within degrees.

The state of hot-rolled sheet and cold-rolled sheet is also different. Please choose different aluminum sheets for different products.

Advantages and benefits of using aluminium disc circle

One advantage of using aluminium discs is that they vary in thickness, including 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 inch. Aluminium discs also come in different diameters, ranging from 1 inch to 10 inches.

Due to their compact size, these discs are easy to operate, whether bending, shaping, designing, extruding or etching although they have many uses, these discs are the perfect solution for capping pipes, mounting plates, etc.

However, manufacturers also use round disks made of fine aluminium to make various kitchen utensils. For example, they use the discs to make tableware, sauce plates, pizza plates, bowls and cups. These discs are also used in the manufacture of various traffic signs. It is also worth mentioning that the discs/discs have excellent surface quality as well as good spinning and drawing quality.

When ordering, you also have the opportunity to choose standard sizes, or you can cut the aluminum discs to a specific size for special applications since these circular discs are made from pure aluminum, the material itself is of great value. For example, aluminum is non-corrosive, conducts heat, is strong, sparks free, elastic, conductive and non-toxic. Aluminum has a variety of surface treatments when used to make products. The material is almost seamless, aesthetically pleasing and recyclable.