Characteristics of aluminized mirror

1. Uv-enhanced aluminum reflector: average reflectivity is greater than 90% in the wavelength range of 250 to 450 nm.
2. protective aluminum mirror: the average reflectance is greater than 90% in the wavelength range of 450 nm to 2,000 nm, the average reflectance is greater than 95% in the wavelength range of 2 to 20 μm.

Aluminum solar mirror

Aluminum solar mirror is made by aluminum, which is easy to reflective aluminum sheet also called aluminum bright mirror surface is coated with special paint could highly increase the durability.

Product features:

1, hardness characteristics: uniform hardness, suitable for complex stamping molding, bending, stretching, plastic.
2, mirror characteristics: the material mirror using imported equipment processing, can be used for printing, stamping processing, reflection, high brightness.
3, Scope of application:
①Aluminum shell: mobile phone, digital camera, MP3, MP4, laptop, reread machine, CD walkman, mobile hard disk, audio panel, computer, U disk and other high-tech electronic products shell.
②Used as lighting reflector, especially grille lamp, outdoor lamp, solar reflector, high-grade lighting, etc.
③ Other products, such as logo, nameplate, elevator decoration, interior decoration, aluminum plate, etc.

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