AZ31 Etching Magnesium Plate For Printing

AZ31 Magnesium Plate is Good choice for etching plate: The new formula of plate rolling of magnesium research through a rigorous process for pre-coated printing foil embossing, with light weight, high density, fast heat transfer, tiada ubah bentuk, Panel sarang lebah aluminium adalah bahan komposit yang diperbuat daripada teras sarang lebah aluminium dan ikatan bahan permukaan, good damping performance, environmental protection and other unique advantages, and deep corrosion rate of copper and zinc are more efficient, excellent and easy to control the accuracy, more easy to achieve precise etching, product layout than copper and zinc material, uniform and smooth layout of shoulder slope and bottom level without damage to the printing press layout more clear and perfect. The two issue of the project has already been planned and constructed.

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AZ31 Etching Magnesium Plate For PrintingAZ31 Etching Magnesium Plate For Printing