5052 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate frequently asked questions analysis

5052 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate is the largest use is the appearance of parts or electronic accessories, 5052 aluminum plate common problems have the following three points.

First, the surface of the aluminum plate with defects

5052 aluminum plate surface problems, in addition to the case with the billet, most of the reasons from each machine column in the production process derived from.

Second, there are defects such as color difference, black wire, sand hole after oxidation

There are many reasons to produce black silk, such as the mill oil dripping on the subsidiary machine due to poor management, and then for example, the pressure is too large or too much tension in the board surface caused by indentation, if the thin material rolling, these dark marks will become more and more thin, forming a dark line or black line, and even sometimes it is not clear whether it is oil or trace, and even on the surface can not see what color difference, but after oxidation is very obvious, for customers. Seeing the appearance of inconsistency, it is certainly to refuse. After the oxidation of the black silk is the most system life, once this situation, there is almost no room for survival, bringing losses and consequences are also irreparable. Secondly, color difference, generally do the appearance of the product, color difference is also can not appear, any one customer is unwilling to accept similar to "two skin face" of the product, to eliminate these problems, or to rely on the source machine to control.

The reason for the sand hole: sand hole is generally internal structure problems, in the casting of billet ingot because of impurities or water vapor is not excluded clean, or other elements are not evenly mixed and other factors, so the requirements in the casting ingot this source link to control the detection of good.

Third, the performance requirements: tensile strength, hardness, elongation, bending requirements, etc.

As for performance issues, the most is the bending deformation, this link because the customer's product use is different, can not be generalized, but the general annealing link, how much temperature, how long, how thick to retreat, there are standards.

5052 aluminum plate use is relatively wide, product classification is also relatively large, but as long as the attention to the various aspects of control, the common to the problem at the source of control, process stability, do out products can certainly be favored by the market!