A brief introduction of alloy diamond pattern aluminum tread sheet

Alloy diamond pattern aluminum tread sheet is widely used in furniture, such as refrigerator, air conditioner, carriage, platform, packing pipe, screen frame, various hanging beam, table foot, handle, chair tube and so on.
Generally, there are 3 kinds of aluminum tread sheet according to the different alloy.

alloy diamond pattern aluminum sheet

1-1000 series aluminum tread sheet
It is a most common aluminum tread sheet. The most common alloy is 1060.
The price of this kind of aluminum tread sheet is moderate and it is also a kind of most widely used product. Generally, it is used to out packing.
2-3000 series aluminum tread sheet
Generally, this kind of aluminum tread sheet is processed base on 3003 aluminum plate. This kind of aluminum tread sheet has a characteristic that it can prevent rust, so it is generally used in the place that needs to prevent rust, such as the freight car, cold storage floor and other places.
3-5000 series aluminum tread sheet
This aluminum tread sheet is very tough in the hardness which can withstand the gravity. And it also has big advantage at the rust, corrosion prevention. So generally it will be used in the humid environment such as ship.
And there is different surface of aluminum tread sheet, which including 2/3/5 bars, needle, diamond and so on. The main usage of this kind of surface is skid resistance.
Above of all, the main advantage of aluminum tread sheet is skid resistance, rust protection and corrosion protection and so on.