A customer from the United States who buy our aluminum foil products

I am Alvin Wang from Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd. Dated Oct.15th,2019,it is a usual day,I get an inquiry from our E commerce department. I gave a general reply to the client asking some more details, then I got all the details another day. He replied me to say he wanted to buy aluminum foil. so I sent the price to the client in the same day,then the second day, I got a email which including a PO for the trial order,I was so surprised to this client,we all thought this client as a cheater,then I make the PI to him for a try,after this email,from Oct.22 to Nov.1,I have no news from the client,I sent some emails and try the whatsapp. Skype,still no response from the client,then I never contacted with him again,then the day Nov.1,I got a email from this client,he said he had not got my response and the PI,and the client also doubted my interest to cooperate with him,I said to him I sent many emails and messages to him,then he found the emails from his trash box,it is a pity that we lost too much time,then we continued our talk,I let the client pay the deposit,then we can arrange the production.

I was waiting the message, then dated Nov.7th, the client said he had paid the money,but no bank memo, during the money waiting time, for the first cooperation,of course,then client also does not trust us too much,so he let me give some partners in USA,I said to him,this is our business secret,we can not disclose the information,just as we will not tell the information of this client to others,then the client does not mention it again,dated Nov.12th, we got the money,we started communicating with production department ,after reviewed by our production and quality department,they found that the temper H19's dyne can not reach above 50,only 30,so we meet another problem for this order.

This is an experience,for future orders,we must confirm the clients’ exact requirements first,then sending to our production department whether we can reach,or else,it will bring worse result,our company will face the lost or penalties from the client,and it will also affect the reputation of our company in that market,this is very important.

Then after nearly one month,we find a way out,after the roll is dome,we can wash it again,then dry it,we can solve this problem that the dyne to be above 50,during this process,we have talked more with the client,although the client has some doubt and worry,but he kept more patience,I am so grateful to this,and for this additional process,our cost will be higher,we need charge another USD 75,the client also accept,no complaints and reluctance,so this order can be processed so smoothly later.

This is a customer from the United States who buy our aluminum foil products. If you want to buy aluminum foil, please contact us.