aluminum sheet alloy almg3 5754 for sound barrier

Sound barrier, also known as sound barrier and sound wall, is mainly used for sound insulation and noise reduction of noise sources such as expressway, viaduct and railway. When the noise meets the sound barrier, three phenomena will occur: reflection, transmission and diffraction. The sound barrier can prevent the propagation of direct sound and attenuate the transmitted sound enough, while the influence of transmitted sound can be neglected.

The sound barrier is mainly composed of steel structure column and sound insulation panel. Its design fully considers the problems of expressway, urban light rail, subway wind load, vehicle collision safety and outdoor all-weather anti-corrosion. 5754 aluminum plate has excellent quality and is widely used in sound barrier with good market feedback.

aluminum sheet alloy almg3 5754

What are the advantages of aluminum sheet alloy almg3 5754 for sound barrier?
As an aluminum magnesium alloy, 5754 aluminum plate has the characteristics of medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability and easy processing and forming. It is widely used in welding structure, storage tank, pressure vessel, ship structure and offshore facilities, transportation tank and so on. 5754 aluminum plate is used to manufacture the sound insulation barrier, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance, exquisite manufacture, light weight, convenient transportation and construction, low cost and long service life. It is suitable for the anti noise application of elevated expressway, urban light rail and subway.