Aluminum plate sheet in 5 basic states - F, O, H, T, W

The basic state of aluminum plate sheet can be divided into F, O, H, T, W. These 5 states represent the 5 treatment processes and stages of aluminum sheet, and the performance and price of aluminum sheet in different states can be very different.

Aluminum plate sheet

F - state aluminum plate

F state is also called free processing state, the mechanical and chemical properties of F state aluminum plate are not clearly defined, the customers who purchase F state aluminum plate, generally have special requirements for the performance of aluminum plate, and will carry out the required processing hardening and heat treatment after purchase to get the required mechanical and chemical properties.

O - state aluminum plate

O state is also called completely annealed state, O state has no subdivided state, and refers to the aluminum sheet products that are only completely annealed to obtain the lowest strength.

H - state aluminum plate

H state is also known as process hardening state, representing the aluminum plate that has undergone process hardening to improve its strength. H state has many subdivided states, such as H18 state, followed by 1 and 8, the first number represents the treatment process: 1 is process hardening, 2 is incomplete annealing after processing, 3 is low temperature annealing after processing; the second number represents hardness: 1-8, 1 is the lowest, 8 is the highest.

T - state aluminum plate

T state refers to the heat treatment state of the aluminum plate, indicating that the aluminum plate has been process hardened to reach stability. t state has subdivided states, representing different treatment processes, the state from T0 all the way to T10. t state, Tx51 represents the elimination of internal stress, such as T6 state, after eliminating internal stress, indicated as T651.

W  - state aluminum plate

W state refers to solution heat treatment state, W state is an unstable state, indicating that the aluminum plate is in natural aging at room temperature after solution treatment, W state only indicates that the aluminum plate is in natural aging stage.

In summary, the aluminum plate 5 basic state - F, O, H, T, W, each has its own advantages and performance, I hope the above details can help you more comprehensive understanding of the aluminum plate products, to help us buy and sell the right aluminum products.