Aluminum will have unlimited prospects in this industry

The expressionnew energy vehiclesis getting more and more popular in the automobile industry. The expression “ligero” has also become important in the automobile industry.

In today’s carbon reduction and emission reduction, how to control the emission of automobiles has become a hot public. The topic of discussion, as we all know, the displacement of the car is proportional to the weight of the car body. If the weight of the car is reduced by 10%, the fuel efficiency can be increased by 6%-8%; for every 100 kg of the car’s curb weight, the fuel consumption per 100 km can be Decrease by 0.3-0.6 liters.

From the cost point of view, reducing the weight of 1 kg can reduce the expenditure of about 10 US dollars. In order to achieve the purpose of reducing weight, the car companies have turned their attention to aluminum because of the weight of aluminum and steel More than one-third, and aluminum has a comprehensive advantage in terms of safety, durabilidad, flexibility, protección del medio ambiente, etc.

Compared with other metal, aluminum has below advantages:

1.It is light and its density is 2.71g/cm³.

2.It is thin, and the thinnest is 0.005mm

3.The recycling rate is high

4.The energy consumption is lowering during the production.

5.Anti-rust is good

6.Have good capacity in electricity.

7.The processing on surface treating is of large space.

With its advantages, aluminum will have unlimited prospects in many industries application.

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