Application of alloy aluminum sheet in three major fields

Alloy aluminum sheet is a rectangular plate rolled and processed from aluminum ingots, which is divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, thin aluminum plate, medium-thick aluminum plate and patterned aluminum plate.

In the emerging application areas, aluminum consumption to be gradually promoted through the change of concept, technology maturity, policy guidance and support and other efforts in many aspects. It is understood that the current key areas for expanding aluminum applications include: transportation, building structure, electric power field. In addition, it also includes aluminum alloy pallets, aluminum alloy flood control facilities, aluminum alloy bridges, aluminum foil packaging and other products and fields.

1、Transportation field

Scope: Expand the application of all-aluminum trailer, aluminum sheet truck and high precision aluminum alloy sheet for cars.

aluminum sheet truck

Aluminum profiles used in transportation field can effectively reduce the self-weight, increase the payload and extend the service life, which is of great significance to energy saving and emission reduction, and improve the economic efficiency of transportation industry and highway transportation efficiency.

2、The field of building structure

Scope: Expanding the application of aluminum alloy building formwork and aluminum alloy enclosure plate

(1) Expanding the application of aluminum alloy building formwork

At present, the application ratio of aluminum alloy formwork in China is less than 1%. The increasing requirements of large construction enterprises for standardization, industrialization and factoryization of building construction, as well as the improvement of the public's requirements for housing quality, have given a great impetus to the application of aluminum alloy formwork. In recent years, due to the rapid development of real estate industry, the production scale of China's construction formwork industry has maintained a growth rate of about 10~15%.

aluminum design wall panel sheet

While the amount of domestic aluminum alloy formwork keeps growing, domestic enterprises also supply aluminum alloy formwork and aluminum profiles for formwork to Brazil, India, Venezuela and other countries as well as Hong Kong and Macao, which will also boost the consumption of domestic aluminum.

(2) Expand the application of aluminum alloy enclosure plate

In Chinese civil buildings, aluminum alloy panels have been widely used in roofs and walls of large infrastructure projects, especially those with large spans and complex shapes, such as in airport terminals, convention centers, stadiums, and other public buildings. However, in industrial buildings, the proportion of metal plate enclosure system of steel structure system accounts for about 70% of the total construction, and the application of aluminum alloy is less.

With the growth of engineering construction demand in the global, strategic and public welfare fields such as agricultural infrastructure construction, security housing project and rural dilapidated house renovation, the demand for aluminum alloy enclosure panels will be significantly increased.

3、Electricity field

(1) Promote the application of copper and aluminum composite conductors

Copper-clad aluminum composite conductor consists of aluminum core and copper cladding layer, using the current "skin effect", with aluminum instead of copper in the middle part of the conductor. By expanding the cross-sectional area of the conductor to compensate for the impact on the conductivity, so as to achieve the same conductive performance. Therefore, both the excellent electrical conductivity of copper, good corrosion resistance and low cost, light weight and other advantages of aluminum, is a high-performance composite conductor.

In addition, China has developed steel (stainless steel) aluminum composite, titanium aluminum composite, aluminum aluminum composite plates, strips, foils, rows of products, are used in electric power, electronics, communications, heat dissipation, construction and other industries.

4、Other products and fields

(1) Applied to the traditional consumer field with greater potential

With the change of consumption concept, the improvement of consumption level, the improvement of food and drug safety management, and the acceleration of industrialization process make the market prospect of aluminum lunch box, aluminum foil paper draw, aluminum alloy tray, wine seal packaging, aluminum alloy aerosol can, aluminum storage tank, etc.

(2) Application fields with significant social benefits that need to be promoted urgently

Aluminum alloy bridge, aluminum alloy flood wall, etc., although the amount is not large, but has obvious social benefits.

The material of Chinese flyovers is mainly made of steel and other non-aluminum alloy systems, and the percentage of aluminum alloy flyovers built is less than 2‰. Aluminum alloy flyover with its light weight, high strength, beautiful appearance, anti-corrosion, recyclable, green and other advantages are getting more and more attention and recognition. Not only the flyover can be made of aluminum, if the road bridge can gradually increase the proportion of aluminum use, the amount of aluminum used is much larger than the flyover.

Aluminum flood wall has the characteristics of light quality and simple installation. According to the calculation of 40 kg per meter aluminum alloy flood wall, then 1 km long, 2 meters high flood wall with aluminum amount of about 400 tons.

(3) Emerging products and application fields that require more scientific and technological investment

Aluminum-air battery, aluminum alloy for seawater desalination, etc.

Aluminum-air battery: Aluminum-air battery has high energy density, can realize zero emission and no pollution in the process of use, and is easy to recycle, so it can be used as power battery and signal battery, etc. It has broad application prospect.

Aluminum alloy for seawater desalination: At present, the surface treatment technology of aluminum alloy tube for seawater desalination is monopolized by foreign countries, and the application of "aluminum instead of copper" for heat transfer tube of Chinese seawater desalination device needs to break through the anti-corrosion technology of heat transfer tube coating, which is currently under development.

The above summary is about the new field of aluminum plate use, in the traditional application field, aluminum consumption will grow naturally with the development of related industries. Aluminum consumption in some fields has been widely used and has become a consumption habit. Such as: aluminum alloy doors and windows, high-speed rail trains, cans, pharmaceutical packaging, building facade decorative panels, cigarette foil, automobiles (except for auto body sheet ABS), etc. Therefore, the application of these products will change with the development of related industries.

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