China Supplier 1050/1060/3003 aluminum disc circle for pressure cooker

Introduction of 1050/1060/3003 aluminum circle for pressure cooker

1050/1060/3003 Aluminum Circle
Alloy Temper Specification
Diameter Thickness
1050 1060 1070 1100 3003 O 80-1500mm 0.3-6mm
Application DC Quanlity(Deep drawing) CC Quality
•Stock pots   •Fry pans

•Tea kettles   •Pressure cookers
•Pizza pans   • Rice cookers
• Coffee urns  • Electric skillets
•Restaurant cookware
•Bakeware, Bread Makers
• Stainless cookware bottom plates

• Pot lids
• Recessed lighting
•High bay industria lighting
• Stress lighting
•Traffic light reflectors
• Sports lighting

cutting discs aluminum pressure cookers

Application of 1050/1060/3003 aluminum circle for pressure cooker

Aluminium Circle is Widely Used In Cookware, Cooking Utensil, Holloware, Pressure Cookware, Kitchen Disc, Cooking Pan, Fryer, Reflector of the light, traffic sign etc .