Cleaning And Maintenance Of Aluminum Mirror Plate

Cleaning And Maintenance Of Aluminum Mirror Plate

Aluminum mirror plate is widely used in daily life. The interior and exterior of the building, electronic product shells, the kitchen utensils used to make delicious dishes, and even small trademarks, signs or exquisite jewelry boxes can see the aluminum mirror plate. Aluminum mirror plate also has the unique advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, not easy rust, and easy production. Although there are many advantages of mirror aluminum, we need to use the correct maintenance method to achieve good results.

Let's introduce the correct method of cleaning the aluminum mirror plate. The mirror aluminum is easy to clean because of its corrosion resistance.

First, we can use a lot of water to directly rinse the surface of the aluminum mirror plate.

Second, rinse the dirt on the surface, and then use the detergent to focus on the places with serious dirt.

Third, rinse the detergent on the mirror aluminum surface with a lot of water. After cleaning like this, the aluminum mirror products are completely new.

Although the method of cleaning the aluminum mirror plate is simple, there are two problems that need attention:

First, do not clean when the surface temperature of the aluminum mirror plate is too hot. This temperature limit is about forty degrees Celsius.

Secondly, it is necessary to choose mild detergents. It is strictly forbidden to use strong alkaline detergents such as sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. Aluminum products are widely used in our lives, and the chemical substances are extremely stable and are not easy to be corroded, so many users who use aluminum plate materials will ignore the link of aluminum plate maintenance, causing damage to aluminum plates. Its chemical substance is relatively stable. Under long-term corrosion, the service life of aluminum plates will also be affected. Especially the aluminum mirror plate, because the surface is relatively smooth and more beautiful, so once scratched, it will affect the aesthetic effect of the aluminum plate, which requires us to pay special attention to maintaining the aluminum plate in our lives.

In addition, when using aluminum mirror products, you can also buy cleaning agents, curing agents, etc. at special places and regularly maintain your own products. This can extend the life of mirror aluminum products as much as possible.