Henan Huawei's Achievements Increased by a Big margin

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In 2018, sales of he nan huawei aluminum achieved another success, with both profits and sales volume breaking through the previous record.

Because the company cling to upgrade the favorable opportunity of market, demand, timely adjusting and optimizing strategy. Marketing management do outperform the market revenue, increase efficiency, boost in entity enterprise logistics cost reduction, steadily promoting overseas development projects and risk prevention and control measures were further implement, mainly operating indicators for continuous improvement.

Henan Huawei's Achievements Increased by a Big margin

Warwick aluminum is not satisfied with the good performance has been achieved, but to the problem-oriented, carefully find the shortcomings, and enterprises together to analyze the causes, find the gap, develop measures.

In the face of continuous good performance, Warwick aluminum proposed to adhere to the cost leadership strategy, determined to do not reduce the intensity, the same pace.