How to choose aluminum gusset plate

How to choose aluminum gusset plate?


1. Branded products


The aluminum gusset is a semi-finished product that requires a professional installation. Choosing a reputable brand product can not only ensure the quality of the product, but also ensure a sound pre-sales and after-sales service, saving a lot of trouble.


2. Look at thickness


Many consumers have misunderstandings. The thicker the aluminum plate is, the better. De hecho, the aluminum plate can reach 0.6Mm. Some merchants boasted that their gusset thickness reached N0.8mm, which is bragging, and the second is that the gusset has technical defects. Por ejemplo, the use of impure aluminum as the aluminum gusset plate, the board can not be evenly thinned, can only be done in thick. Además, there is also a case to be noted that the aluminum gusset plate does not reach the specified thickness, and the manufacturer sprays a layer of paint on the surface of the gusset plate to achieve the thickness.


The most direct way to judge the thickness of the aluminum plate is to look at the specification of the product. The qualified product will indicate the length, thickness and other information in the manual. Además, the thickness of the aluminum gusset can also be judged by the naked eye and the hand.


3. Look at the material


Aluminum gussets are generally aluminum alloys because pure aluminum does not meet the performance requirements of aluminum gusset ceilings. Such as toughness, fuerza, stiffness, oxidation resistance and so on.


Among the commonly used aluminum gussets, the aluminum-magnesium alloy has good oxidation resistance, and the aluminum-manganese alloy has good strength and rigidity. The aluminum-titanium alloy gusset plate not only has the advantages of the former two, but also has the characteristics of strong acid and alkali resistance. As for the ordinary aluminum alloy material, since the content of magnesium and manganese is small, la fuerza, rigidity and oxidation resistance are relatively weak. Considering the price and material conditions, aluminum-titanium alloy and aluminum-magnesium alloy have better comprehensive performance and are the best materials for kitchen and bathroom ceilings.


No matter what kind of alloy aluminum plate should not contain iron, unless it is a poor quality plate produced by small manufacturers. To verify whether the aluminum gusset is doped with iron, you can use a magnet to suck it. The magnetic absorption can be caused by poor quality aluminum or fake aluminum. Sin embargo, this method is not a perfect solution, because illegal businesses can eliminate this feature by means of degaussing, so it is necessary to ensure the quality of the product from the source ofauthentic factory”.


4. Look at toughness and strength


The elasticity and toughness of the aluminum gusset are another important indicator of the quality of the aluminum gusset. You can test it in two ways:


Method one, select a template and bend it by hand. Inferior aluminum is easily bent and does not return to its original shape. A good quality aluminum material will rebound to a certain extent after being bent.


Method 2, take a corner of the gusset, and then shake it up and down a little bit to see if the gusset is deformed or deformed. Generalmente, it can meet the requirements of future home use.


5. Look at the surface technology


According to the different manufacturing processes, the aluminum gusset ceiling can be further divided into a laminated board, a drawing board, an anodized board, a nano board, and the like. Regardless of the treatment method, the surface of the aluminum gusset should be smooth and smooth without spots, rasguños, etc. If it is a branded product, there should be a stamp of the brand on the edge of the board.


When purchasing the laminating board, you can peel off the film on the edge of the aluminum gusset by hand, and the one that can be peeled off is definitely glued. Can not purchase.


6. Look at the priming primer


The role of the primer is to protect the gusset from water vapor from the kitchen or bathroom. The primer of the high-quality aluminum gusset plate should be sprayed evenly. When the bottom of the plate is carefully observed with the naked eye, no silver-gray dots caused by uneven spraying will be found.




special reminder


(1) The installation of the ceiling should be compatible with the installation of the electrical appliance. Por lo tanto, the installation of the ceiling and the electrical appliance is preferably arranged on the same day.


(2) Beware of auxiliary material traps. The amount of auxiliary materials used in the installation of aluminum gusset plate is relatively large. If the price of the auxiliary material is not discussed with the merchant before, the auxiliary material may be more expensive than the aluminum gusset plate when actually installed. Since the aluminum gussets often need to be installed with other products, many owners will have the relevant product installers on the day of installing the aluminum gussets. If at that time, I found out that I was deceived by the merchant on the accessories, I could only eat this dumb loss.


En general, the installation of aluminum gussets and the cost of accessories should not exceed 30% para 40% of the price of the aluminum gussets themselves. When you buy aluminum gussets, you should not only talk to the merchant about how much the aluminum gusset is a square meter, but also negotiate the installation cost, keel, corner line and so on.