How to clean up stains when using aluminum alloy coil?

1. The relevant operators first use a lot of clean water to wash the surface of the board to wipe the surface of the dust, dust, etc.

2. Purchase standard cleaners on the market, dilute with some clean water, then combine with a soft and clean cloth, gently wipe the surface of the test board, and remove some stubborn stains on the aluminum coil.

3. Insulation aluminum alloy coil manufacturers suggest using a lot of clean water to flush the aluminum coil again at this time, so that the dirt can be washed away.

aluminum alloy coil

4. Check the aluminum coil carefully to see if there is any area that has not been cleaned. Regarding the parts that are not cleaned, it can be combined with diluted detergent for crucial treatment.

5. At this time, use a lot of clean water to flush again until all the detergent is washed away.

In fact, the stains on the aluminum plate and aluminum coil are not necessarily caused by the manufacturer of the insulation aluminum coil, but may also be caused by the user's improper storage. Therefore, we must also learn the correct storage method of the insulation aluminum coil.