How to distinguish the quality of colour coated aluminum coil?

Colour coated aluminum coil (color coated aluminum roll), as the name suggests, is to color the surface coating of aluminum plate or (aluminum roll). The common ones are fluorocarbon color coated aluminum (color coated aluminum roll), polyester color coated aluminum (color coated aluminum roll), which are widely used in aluminum plastic plate, aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb plate, aluminum ceiling, roof surface, leftover materials, cans and electronic products. Its performance is very stable and not easy to corrode. After special treatment, the surface can achieve 30-year quality assurance. The weight per unit volume is the lightest among metal materials. Color coated aluminum is the most popular new material at present.

colour coated aluminum coil

Color coated aluminum coil has the following characteristics:

1. Flatness: no composite high temperature indentation on the surface. The plate surface has no residual stress and no deformation after shearing.

2. Decorative: painted with wood grain and stone grain, with realistic physical texture and fresh natural beauty. Patterns are made at will, giving customers a wide range of personality choices, enriching the humanistic connotation of products and giving people more beautiful enjoyment.

3. Weather resistance: the paint pattern formed by coating and baking at high temperature has high gloss retention, good color stability and minimal color difference change. The warranty of polyester paint is 10 years, and that of fluorocarbon paint is more than 20 years.

4. Mechanical: high quality aluminum, plastic and adhesive are selected, and advanced composite technology is adopted. The product has the bending and bending strength required by the decorative board. Under the climate of four seasons, the changes of wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation and expansion.

5. Environmental protection: it is resistant to the corrosion of salt, alkali and acid rain, will not corrode itself, create poisonous bacteria, will not release any toxic gas, will not cause the corrosion of keel and fasteners, and is flame retardant. It shall not be lower than grade B1 according to national regulations.