How to solve the deformation of 1.5mm aluminum sheet in processing?

How to solve the deformation of 1.5mm tấm nhôm in processing?

The solution of tấm nhôm deformation is as follows:

1. Artificial aging before processing.

2. During machining, it is divided into rough machining and finishing machining. After the rough machining is completed, it is left for 8 đến 12 hours to release stress.

3. When processing thin sheets, it is necessary to press on the table.

4. Control the cutting temperature so that the temperature rise influence area is as small as possible.

5. For complex shapes, orthopedics after processing.

The above is the solution to the deformation of the tấm nhôm processing shared by the editor. During the tấm nhôm processing, pay attention to the above points to avoid the problem of aluminum sheet processing deformation.