Introduction to the transportation method of aluminum sheet

After the aluminum sheet plates are processed, it faces the transportation. Usually our company adopts road transportation, while the export order adopts sea transportation, how to safely transport the aluminum plate, so that the product can safely reach the destination, here is a general talk about the transportation of aluminum plate for you. The transportation of aluminum plate includes various means of transportation such as car, train and ship. In the transportation process, it is not allowed to mix the aluminum plate with active chemical products and wet materials, meanwhile, the carriage and barn should be kept dry, clean and pollution-free. It is better to use closed carriages or ship bins for the shipment of aluminum plates, but it is also possible to use open cars for shipment, but in the process of transportation, it must be covered tightly and tied firmly with rain and snow-proof sheeting to ensure that water, rain and snow will not enter the packing box and aluminum plate products.

If stored in a simple warehouse or in the open air, it must be covered with rainproof and snowproof sheeting and tied firmly, while the lowermost packing box should be padded with a height of not less than 100mm. The lifting, loading and unloading of the packing box and the aluminum foil volume of the well frame should be done gently so as not to damage the packing box and the aluminum foil.

Although the packing workshop has made relative fastening, moisture-proof packaging and measures, but in the process of transportation if the rain cloth should be covered, to avoid the weather caused by the aluminum plate packaging into the water, and at the same time avoid bumping during loading and unloading, so that the aluminum plate safe transportation to the hands of users.