Reasons for the formation of defects in color coated aluminum coils? Common 5 types of factors

Color coated aluminum coils in the production and manufacturing process of aluminum coil is a very critical process, the quality of the coating is good or bad, will affect. Affect the decorative effect of the product. Sometimes due to the influence of some factors, will cause the formation of defects in the aluminum roll, what is the reason for this? The common 5 types of reasons for the formation of defects are as follows.

color coated aluminum coils

1. Raw material

The most important factor that can affect the quality of coating in the painting process is the coating and aluminum volume, because there is a color difference between the batch of coating, coating fineness is not enough and the coating rate is not high, coating and solvent with poor, delamination and so on will directly affect the coating effect and defects' aluminum volume substrate uneven, film thickness is not uniform, the edge of the deflection is not good, etc. also directly affect the quality of the product and the overall use. Therefore, for the purchase of raw materials, we need to be quite careful and strict.

2. Coating process

The coating process should be strictly standardized, once a certain link is wrong, it will cause defects in the aluminum coil. Therefore, the relative line speed ratio of coating rollers, paint lifting rollers, measuring rollers and base material should be controlled within a certain range. According to the different systems and film thickness of the coating products, a certain viscosity range should be set for the coating to ensure smooth coating and promote the improvement of product quality. The curing process of paint, oven control must be controlled according to the requirements, no arbitrary changes, otherwise it will seriously affect the quality of painting.

3. Coating equipment

The coating equipment must run smoothly, no horizontal or vertical jitter, and the coating rollers must be finely ground. All rollers of the coating machine must be controlled within the allowed range, otherwise the surface quality of the coating will be seriously affected.

4. Environmental factors

To keep the interior of the coating room clean, dust-proof, insect-proof and certain ventilation performance, to ensure that the quality of the coating surface is not polluted.

5. Human factors

If the operator of the roll coating aluminum coil has poor experience and low responsibility, it will also cause the formation of defects in the aluminum coil. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the training of the operator and let the operator master the principle and main points of the coating technology, enhance the technical proficiency and the normality of the operation, strengthen the responsibility, and operate strictly according to the operation procedures to ensure the high quality of the coating products.

Therefore, when we find defects in the aluminum coil, we should clearly find out which factors are responsible for the defects and find better solutions to deal with them.