Some info of alu alu foil

Cold Formed aluminum foil / alu alu foil is a new type of packaging pharmaceutical product. It is also the best quality packaging material. It is almost completely isolated from water vapor, oxygen and ultraviolet light. A single blister forms an independent part and has no effect on other drugs.
Structure: NY (OPA) / Al / PVC

Width: ≤900mm
Thickness:OPA(NY)25MIC+AL(AA8021)46~60MIC+PVC 60MIC
ID: 76mm
OD: 220-400m

alu alu foil

Physical properties:
Good shielding, light-shielding, anti-bacterial, elongation and elongation, and heat-sealing properties make it suitable for press-forming foil packaging with PTP and aluminum foil.
Water vapor permeation: ≤0.5 g / (m2.24h)
Oxygen permeation: ≤0.5cm3/(m2.24h.0.1Mpa)
Tear strength: OPA / AL ≥ 7.0 n / 15mm & AL / PVC ≥ 6.5 n / 15mm
Sealing strength: ≥8.0 n / 15 mm
Uses: Widely used in capsules, tablets, powders, etc.
Recommended storage conditions:
Store at a temperature of 15-35 ° C, relative humidity: 30 – 65% for 12 months.

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