Such a beautiful curtain wall was actually made with it!

In 2012, a unique building in Chaoyang Gate in Beijing rose out of the ground.Some people call it a bizarre building, while many others exclaim that it has "the curves of God, the waves of heaven, the flowing Milky Way".

Galaxy SOHO, the first project of cooperation between Zaha Hadid Architects and SOHO China, is a complex of beautiful buildings with intricate displacement of the platform, which maintains a 360-degree streamline from any Angle!The changes of light and shadow, as if in mysterious outer space, not only create a flowing and organic internal space, constitute an attractive environment of future time and space, but also bring the modern architectural style to the old Beijing and become the symbol of the new Beijing!

Do you know what this beautiful and magnificent building was made of?

Beijing Galaxy SOHO project is located in the southwest of Chaoyangmen Bridge. It is a large-scale comprehensive project integrating commercial office with 15 floors above the ground and 3 floors below the ground. The building height is 67.50 meters.The facade mainly includes glass curtain wall, aluminum alloy hanging board, decorative louvers, dry hanging stone and so on. Among them, frame-type glass curtain walls are adopted for the ground floor to the third floor, unit-type glass curtain walls are adopted for the atrium above the fourth floor, and open aluminum sheet curtain walls are adopted for the upper floor.The total curtain wall area is about 150,000 square meters, of which the aluminum sheet curtain wall area is about 88,000 square meters.

In this paper, curved aluminum curtain wall is analyzed and introduced.

The aluminum curtain wall of Galaxy SOHO project includes fan-shaped platen, fan-shaped ceiling plate, and side plate composed of cylinder, cone, tangent and other surfaces.Because the aluminum curtain wall is the key to realize the overall shape of the project, it occupies a very important position in the project. The owners, architects and consultants attach great importance to the design of the aluminum curtain wall.The three dimensional modeling of aluminum plate is complex and has various shapes. Almost every piece of aluminum plate is different, which causes great difficulties in the joint design of aluminum plate curtain wall, production and processing of aluminum plate, and field installation of aluminum plate. Therefore, the realization of side plate surface modeling has become a major focus and difficulty of this project.

  1. Analysis of aluminum curtain wall

The curtain wall modeling design of Galaxy SOHO project is mainly realized through THREE-DIMENSIONAL modeling. The main body of the project consists of four towers (T1~T4) and six spatial Bridges connecting the towers. The shapes are smooth and transition from each other, forming a complex spatial modeling system with a round overall shape.Due to the uniqueness of space modeling, although after several modeling optimization, there are still difficult to achieve, aluminum curtain wall is one of the major items.

According to different installation locations, the aluminum veneer of Galaxy Project can be divided into four parts:

  • platform aluminum plate: use 4mm aluminum veneer, fan plate, no folding edge.
  • The aluminum ceiling: use 3mm aluminum veneer, fan plate, no folding edge.
  • side aluminum plate: 3mm aluminum veneer, cylindrical, conical, tangent and other curved aluminum plate, no edge folding.
  • even bridge aluminum plate: use 3mm aluminum veneer, cylindrical, cone, tangent and other curved aluminum plate, no edge folding.

From the perspective of specifications:

The specifications of aluminum plates for platform and suspended ceiling are about W×H=(800~1500) ×(2500~3500);

The specifications of side aluminum plate and connecting aluminum plate are about W×H=(1000~1800) ×(2500~3500),

The size is larger.

  1. Realization of aluminum curtain wall modeling

The spatial geometry of the aluminum veneer curtain wall of Galaxy SOHO project is complex, so the feasibility of aluminum plate processing and manufacturing, the feasibility of aluminum plate construction and installation, as well as the guarantee of aluminum plate processing and installation accuracy should be considered. Only by solving the above problems can the realization of aluminum plate modeling be guaranteed.

Aluminum veneer processing technology is good, strong weldability, for processing by the plane composed of a variety of modeling aluminum plate, very convenient to achieve, but for the processing by the surface of the modeling aluminum plate surface to consider the type of aluminum plate, then select the processing method of aluminum plate according to the type of surface.The platform and ceiling plates of Galaxy SOHO project are flat aluminum plates with arc-shaped edges, which can be processed by engraving machine NUMERICAL control (the entry "numerical control" is provided by industry daeke).The side plate includes not only developable surfaces such as cylinder, cone and tangent, but also non-developable surfaces of smooth transition.For cylinder, cone, mesa is usually can be used in the molding process, but this project of aluminum plate size is bigger, every piece of aluminum plate size is different, if adopts the preforming method processing, processing cycle is long, hard to ensure machining accuracy, especially for "reverse" tangent to the surface, although developable surface processing manufacturing almost impossible.

Through analysis and research, the in-situ forming method of aluminum plate is very suitable for processing and installation of developable curved side plates such as cylinder, cone and tangent of Galaxy SOHO project.The specific analysis is as follows:

(1) Almost every side plate in the project has different dimensions and radius of curvature, which takes time and effort to process and is difficult to achieve.In the company, only flat aluminum sheet is processed on site, which saves the curved surface forming process, saves a lot of time, facilitates the transportation of aluminum sheet, and reduces the influence of transportation on the precision of aluminum sheet.

(2) The tangential surface of "twist" can be perfectly realized.

(3) On-site forming, aluminum plate forming smooth transition, field adjustment, aluminum plate modeling accuracy is high.

(4) From the perspective of cost, reduce the molding cost, more economic.

  1. Problems to be noticed in aluminum plate installation

(1) High precision of steel frame installation is required, especially the position of horizontal frame must be guaranteed.

(2) The location of the adaptors used for installation and positioning must be accurate. It is possible to adopt sectional review, that is, take the building axis as the partition (about 8 meters across), and re-check after installation to control the deviation in a small partition for absorption to avoid deviation accumulation.

(3) There are many mounting bolts and self-tapping nails of aluminum plate, so the site must be rechecked, otherwise the bolts and self-tapping nails will become loose, and the side plate will have problems such as series position or vertical joint edge distortion, or even the aluminum plate will fly off.

(4) This curved aluminum alloy hanging plate system has been applied for and obtained the national utility model technology patent.Through the design of the aluminum curtain wall connection system of Galaxy SOHO and the practical construction experience of the project, we believe that the on-site molding of curved aluminum veneer is a good way to form aluminum plate, and it is a good method to realize the complex modeling of developable curved aluminum veneer, which is worth popularizing