The cause and treatment of white spot and dew on aluminum plate

Aluminum sheet plate refers to the rectangular plate rolled from aluminum ingot, which is divided into pure aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, wire drawing aluminum plate, aluminum oxide plate, pattern aluminum plate, etc. At present, aluminum plates are widely used in household appliances, building decoration, automobile decoration and other places. During the production of aluminum plates, there will inevitably be some problems such as white spots and exposure. What are the causes and treatment methods of aluminum plate white spots and exposure?

Aluminum sheet plate

1. If the water washing is not fresh, the water washing shall be strengthened.

2. The water used for washing is too dirty and easy to pollute the film. At this time, the water should be replaced to ensure the laundry quality.

3. The oxide film is polluted by dust, acid and alkali fog in the air. Strengthening washing, timely staining and timely transfer can considerably reduce this symptom.

4. The oxide film is polluted by oil and sweat. The protection must be strengthened, and the appearance surface of the workpiece cannot be touched by hand.

5. There are insoluble impurities in the dye solution, which are polluted by oil and destroy normal dyeing. At this time, filter or replace the dye solution and clean the tank solution regularly.

6. Residual acid flows out of workpiece gaps and deep holes, and water washing shall be strengthened for such workpieces.

7. The dye solution is polluted, causing spot corrosion of the dyed workpiece. At this time, the dye must be replaced. At ordinary times, attention should be paid to avoid introducing impurity ions during operation.

The above is about the causes and treatment methods of aluminum plate white spots and exposure. Only after we understand the post-treatment methods of these causes can we take corresponding measures in time when there are problems in aluminum plates, so as to ensure that the quality and quantity meet the requirements of customer satisfaction.