The classification of pattern embossed aluminum sheet

Pattern embossed aluminum sheet could be classified according to its pattern and alloy content. Here we list the classification by alloy content of embossed aluminum sheet for your reference.

1. Aluminum-magnesium alloy pattern plate: Generally, it is processed with aluminum plates of 5052, 5083 and 5000 series as raw materials. It has better resistance to corrosion, high hardness and strong anti-rust function. It is usually used in relatively special places, such as the wet environment of ships and compartment lights. This kind of board has relatively high resistance and has certain bearing capacity.

pattern embossed aluminum sheet

2. Ordinary aluminum alloy tread plate: The aluminum alloy pattern plate processed by 1060 aluminum plate is more suitable for installation in an unusual environment, and the price is relatively low. This type of aluminum plate is usually used in cold storage, flooring, and outer packaging.

3. Aluminum alloy pattern plate: 3003 as the main raw material processing, this plate is called rust-proof aluminum plate in the process of use. Its strength is more rust-proof than ordinary aluminum alloy plate, but its hardness and corrosion resistance cannot reach 5000 series of plate, so most of this product will be installed in places where rust prevention is not strict, such as truck models. , cold storage floor and other aspects.

The embossed aluminum could also be divided by its alloy content. The embossed aluminum sheet of different classification posses good appearance, high hardness, strong mechanical resistance and corrosion resistance.