The properties of 5A02 and 5052 aluminum sheet plate are similar. Can they replace each other?

Both 5A02 and 5052 aluminum sheet plate belong to 5-series Al Mg aluminum plates, which have high plasticity, good corrosion resistance and weldability, medium strength and can not be strengthened by heat treatment. Their chemical composition and properties are very similar. So in terms of scope of use, can the two replace each other?

The magnesium content of 5A02 aluminum plate is 2.0-2.8%. In addition, it also contains silicon, iron, copper, manganese and titanium, which is similar to that of 5052, so their properties are close. The tensile strength of 5A02 aluminum plate is ≤ 147mpa, and the elongation is ≥ 14, which is very close to 5052. In terms of anti rust ability, both can be used as anti rust aluminum plate, which is suitable for fields with high requirements for anti rust ability.

5052 aluminum sheet plate

5A02 aluminum plate is mainly used in the fields with high plasticity and weldability requirements. It is suitable for marine environment. It is also suitable for welded structures and containers with high process plasticity requirements and good corrosion resistance, such as ship traffic vehicle sheet metal parts, oil tank, flange, etc.

5052 aluminum plate is commonly used in sheet metal parts of transportation vehicles and ships, instruments, street lamp supports and rivets, hardware products, electrical shell, aircraft fuel tank, oil pipe and other fields. It can be seen that the two can replace each other in some fields