The Same And Different Between Aluminum Sheet And Aluminum Plate

Aluminum sheet/plate is one of the most common types of aluminum metal profiles. But there are also many differences between this type of aluminum alloys

Sheet VS PlateComparison ItemAluminum SheetAluminum Plate
SameAl Metals TypeAluminum Alloy
Aluminum Series1-8 series Al
LengthUsually According To Customization
SurfaceCoating Or Oxidation
DifferenceThickness≤0.249 inch(6.32mm)≥0.250 inches(6.35mm)
ApplicationManufacturing packaging, body panels, cookware, roofs, gutters and carportsAerospace, Transportation and Military Industries
AnodizedColor AnodizedCommon Anodized
FeaturesLight weight, good workability, oxidation and corrosion resistanceHigh corrosion resistance, light weight and high strength