The structures of the pharmaceutical packing foil and its advantages

The structures of the pharmaceutical packing foil and its advantages

The pharmaceutical packaging foil is much required in the pharmaceutical field. Today we will discuss the structures and its advantages.


The common pharmaceutical packaging material structure is: surface layer (protective layer), barrier layer (aluminum foil), inner layer (heat sealing layer), and the layers are bonded together by an adhesive. Printing is also divided into inner layer printing and outer layer printing. The inner layer printing is generally printed on the inner side of the barrier layer, and the outer layer printing can be printed on the inner side of the surface layer or on the outer layer of the barrier layer.

Characteristics and functions of each layer are as below:

Surface layer: good transparency (inner layer printing) or impervious material; excellent printing and decorating, strong heat resistance; wear resistance, puncture resistance, etc., protect the middle layer; when double or multi-layer composite, surface colleague It acts as a barrier layer; commonly used materials are PET, BOPP, PT, paper, BOPA, etc.

Intermediate barrier layer: It is good to prevent the penetration of gas and liquid inside and outside; good light protection (except for transparent packaging); the barrier layer should be as close as possible to the packaged object; commonly used materials are aluminum foil, etc.

Inner layer: non-toxic; chemically inert, does not interact with the package to cause corrosion or penetration; good heat sealability; good mechanical strength; good internal surface slip; good heat resistance or cold resistance; When transparent packaging, the inner seal is better in transparency; commonly used materials are PE, PP, etc.

Adhesive: It consists of adhesive substance, curing agent and solvent. The commonly used adhesive is polyurethane two-component adhesive.

So from the info above, we know clearly about the structures of the pharmaceutical foil and the advantages of each structure. Henan Huawei Aluminum company is experienced in aluminum pharmaceutical foil, your inquiry is welcome.