Use of aluminum foil vent pipe

Where does the comparison apply:       

1. Air supply, including ventilation, such as fresh air supply and exhaust, covers a wide range, such as the air in factory workshop and production site, which needs to be discharged out of the room due to the generation of harmful gases, and also needs to be delivered to the room. At this time, it is necessary to use air transmission pipes with large flow and small pressure. Generally, galvanized iron pipes are used, and stainless steel pipes are used in corrosive and especially humid places. To be careful

2. For cooling air supply, the most common is the pipe of central air conditioning, which needs to be added with insulation materials. To be careful

3. Discharge lampblack. A large amount of lampblack is produced in the kitchen of hotels, restaurants and hotels, which needs to be discharged. The round air pipe is the lampblack chimney.

A kind of ventilation pipe: it is a pipe system used for air transmission and distribution. There are two kinds of air ducts: compound air duct and inorganic air duct. Ducts can be classified by section shape and material. The production of a stainless steel air duct is to apply a sealant (such as neutral glass glue) to the seam, rivet seam, flange flange flange four corners, etc. Before applying sealant, the dust and oil stain on the surface shall be removed. According to the section shape, the air duct can be divided into the circular air duct, rectangular air duct, flat circular air duct and so on. Among them, the height dimension with the smallest resistance of circular air duct is the largest and the fabrication is complex. Therefore, the rectangular duct is the main application. According to the material, the air duct can be divided into metal air duct, composite air duct, and polymer air duct.