What about building curtain walls made from aluminum sheet?

Many people may think that the metal color of aluminum used for the curtain wall of a building, won't it look too monotonous? In fact, building curtain walls made from aluminum sheet are available in many kinds of colors. Because aluminum will be oxidized after and air, generate a layer of oxidation film, although not further corrosion, but will affect the appearance of the building, so in the production of aluminum sheets for building, we will generally be coated with a protective layer on the outside, and the protective layer can have many kinds of colors, so both to protect the aluminum veneer, but also to make the appearance of aluminum veneer looks more colorful, can meet the needs of different buildings It can meet the needs of different buildings.

building curtain walls made from aluminum sheet

Today, the diversification of architectural styles is the characteristic of this era, and the intermingling of cultures has produced buildings with diversified shapes. If you install curtain wall to these wonderfully shaped buildings, glass, stone, these two curtain wall materials may not be able to meet the requirements. Aluminum veneer can meet the design requirements and inspiration of architects. Aluminum veneer can be processed into various exotic shapes, such as spherical panels, shaped panels, modeling aluminum veneer, welded panels, etc.. These complex plate shapes are designed to meet the individual architectural needs and requirements of owners. The type of aluminum base material used to make the aluminum veneer, the way the plate surface is painted, etc. can be handled, based entirely on the customer's needs.