What are the products made by aluminium 1100?

There would be no end if you were to count the products made from 1100 series aluminum plate. It is because so many products are presently manufactured in the factories made from aluminium 1100. However, to name a few, we have listed it out so that you can get a basic idea about it.

What are the products made by aluminium 1100

  • It can be formed into a wide range of items or big machinery. It includes parts like vehicle gears, aluminium doors, giant-sized utensils, lines or tracks of the railway.
  • Other things made from aluminium 1100 sheets are the vehicle’s body, blade stock, nameplates, cooking tools, bolts, and reflectors.
  • The pipe and forged fittings industries are extensive too. As a result, the aluminium 1100 sheet proves to be of immense help. The reason is that they additionally use aluminium 1100 since it is put to a wide assortment of different enterprises.