What are the ways to wash the patterned aluminum sheets without damaging the surface?

In the process of use, the patterned aluminum sheets are easily corroded by the alkaline solution if it is used for the alkaline solution. At this time, the alkaline solution will leave a thin layer of alkaline film on the surface of the board. You can use all kinds of mild alkaline cleaning agents on the market, combined with warm water for cleaning.

patterned aluminum sheets

If this type of plate is used in the neutralization reaction vessel, it is easy to leave different acidic substances and reactants on the patterned aluminum plate. It should be understood that cleaning is already more difficult in itself, but it can be said that it is even more difficult to take into account the two aspects of cleaning. In this case, you must increase the types of residues that are contaminated on the board.

If it is a metal residue, then you can use the scrubbing method for cleaning. If it is a broad common residue, we should use flowing circulating water to flush the residue on the patterned aluminum plate as much as possible.

When the patterned aluminum plate is exposed to the air for a long time, it will be affected by the water vapor contained in the air at this time, and then play a certain corrosive effect. Everyone needs to be corrosion-resistant first. Under normal circumstances, this kind of board will naturally form an oxide film in the air, and the existence of this film can help us avoid deeper oxidation corrosion. When cleaning, you can first choose the scrubbing method for the surface stains of the board, and then repeatedly rinse with clean water. Using the above method, the patterned aluminum plate can be washed more cleanly.