What circumstances can lead to poor mechanical properties of aluminum chequered sheet?

Aluminum chequered sheet, also known as aluminum chequer plate, is one of the commonly used aluminum plate, is based on aluminum plate, after calendering processing and in the appearance of a variety of chequered of aluminum products, according to the chequered style, generally can be divided into a rib, two rib, three rib, four rib, five rib, etc.. chequered aluminum plate is an important anti-slip aluminum products, because of the chequered aluminum plate alloy series is rich, a wide range, cost-effective, in the car, subway and other transportation and some public places in the ground anti-slip facilities can often see its figure.

aluminum chequered sheet

Whether from the use side, or from the quality side, the chequered aluminum plate in terms of mechanical properties are certain requirements, must have a very good mechanical properties, to these aspects of the request to be able to adequately satisfied. But from the production of aluminum plate, its mechanical properties are not necessarily secure, the following we analyze the situation that leads to the poor mechanical properties of chequered aluminum plate what.

In the manufacture of chequered aluminum plate, if there is bad air circulation, quenching fashion material, salt bath temperature is not enough fashion furnace, lack of insulation time and does not reach the specified temperature that is out of the furnace this situation, it will cause the mechanical properties of aluminum plate is not good. For example, in the manufacture of five bars chequered aluminum plate, the imprecise implementation of the heat treatment system, resulting in the heat treatment of the bad scene, must be due to the consequences of heat treatment is not good, resulting in its mechanical properties are not qualified. Similar reasons or heat treatment equipment is not deformed, the existence of this situation will also be due to the impact of the heat treatment consequences of the chequered aluminum plate, and make the aluminum plate mechanical properties unqualified this situation.

In addition to the above, the laboratory heat treatment system or experimental methods used inaccurate, specimen specifications are not accurate shape or specimen name is damaged, but also due to the impact on the mechanical properties of aluminum plate test results, thus appearing mechanical properties failed.