What is 2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet price?

What is 2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet price?

The 2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet price is much higher than that of 1xxx and 3xxx aluminum mirror sheet pieces, for 2xxx aluminium sheets are far more expensive than common plates.

2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet refers to an aluminum mirror sheet of 2xxx aluminium alloy whose surface is covered with a layer of blue plastic film. Although there are colored aluminum mirror sheets like a gold aluminum mirror sheet, the word “film” here indicates a protective film on the surface. After a 2xxx alu sheet is made into a mirror sheet by polishing or anodizing, it obtains a fragile mirror-like surface that needs to be protected carefully before the sheet being put into final use. Blue films are the most popular protective film for aluminum sheets. Thin and light as they are, they are capable to keep mirror surfaces of alu sheets safe and sound even after a long sea journey.